JC Property Management, LLC. is your one stop source for all your residential, as well as, commercial moving and property preservations needs.

We here at JC Property Management pride ourselves in taking the utmost care in the delicate situation of an eviction move. With emotions high we are able to keep a calm, collected approach to handling this circumstance. JC Property takes special care in wrapping, organizing, taking inventory, and storing the personal property of the evictee. We work with law firms, banks, mortgage companies, landlords, realtors, and law enforcement to ensure a smooth and orderly transition. Our wide understanding and knowledge of the laws and policies in eviction moves help us to better understand and help with the needs of our clients. Not only can JC Properties handle the eviction move but we also offer many other services to help you sell or rent your real-estate in a timely fashion. These services include but are not limited to Debris removal/Trash out, Janitorial Service, Re-Key, Abandoned Vehicle removal, Winterization, Lawn Care, and Snow removal. JC Property Management is here to help move your real-estate from the eviction process to the marketplace.

JC Property Management is accredited by the Dane County Sheriff's Office.